Thursday, September 01, 2005

just got home little more then an hour ago

instead of going to sleep, after being up for excesses of 24 hours, mainly thanks to OZZFEST decending on Nashville..
I have been looking for what little info I can on the fate of my main man Gobo and his home across the lake from New Orleans, Louisiana.

The latestest news from his area looks somewhat promising that he is okay. The news coming out of the proper city of New Orelans however, is an absolute fuckin fright.

I recall thinking how much "bullshit" it was when DC did that whole Batman crossover where a natural disaster forced the government to close Gotham City off from the rest of America.
There are reports on some poarts of the internet that some of the worst looting is
Now with recent events in New Orleans, and announcements that the city may be closed for up to 2-3 months, this bit of science fiction seems all too frighteningly real.

Yo Dogman, I wish you the best defending your corner of the Earth.

More on Ozzfest later when I wake up.

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