Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dirty Black Summer

thekamisama has gone AWOL. It is believed that he may have fallen in with a group of middle eastern radicals. He now claims to be their new spiritual leader and is calling for a holy war. Approach with caution.

These are the last known pictures of thekamisama.

Shortly before his disappearance.

Becoming indoctrinated into his new cult.

Photo of thekamisama as Evil Magus of his cult. Many Bothan spies died to bring us this information.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

great moments in comic history (a continuing feature?)

In the first of what may be an ongoing feature. I present what I think are great, but sometimes unrecognized, moments in the history of the American Comic Book.

Up first, we get a bit of a preview of the 2007 summer movie season. From way back in 1985!

The Transformers meet Spider-man in his black symbiote costume! Yes two decades before Michael Bay or Tobey Maquire. Megatron totally gets his ass handed to him by Spider-man!

Seems some "fuddy duddy" at Marvel Comics now claims that this book "doesn't exist" (right, lets see, a fictional story is somehow less real...?) But that is the kind of crap that the nerds can argue about. Fuck that "continuity" noise, this was the ultimate comic for the average 11 year old back in the day.

This would lead to all sorts of other weird and funky Transformer crossovers later at Marvel, including G. I. Joe, Secret Wars 2, and the Marvel UK character Death's Head had a semi regular role in Transformers. Death's Head later became cult-famous for bouncing around the Universe and later running into no less than Britain's top modern Scifi television character, Doctor Who, as well as American comic characters like the Fantastic Four and She Hulk .

In a way, Transformers #3 could be seen as a lynchpin to a larger cohesive whole. A "Wold Newton" literary device in four colors. But why try to get so serious and heady about it? This was just good old fun comics!

Monday, June 04, 2007


I love getting fan-mail!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sunday, June 03, 2007

crazy... crazy for feeling..

God damn I might need to go see a doctor.

I get these weird pains or pressures in my back, they don't really hurt, they are just uncomfortable.

Then at times, they are followed by phantom memories, amalgamations of random chemical impressions in my brain that sort of just come out at once. It usually takes me a minute or two to think about the "flash" and realize that there is no good reason why I should remember something like that. Then I loose it.

I assume they are connected. Since the physical sensation and the jumbled memories happen about at the same time. Perhaps it is a sort of "bio-feedback" from misfiring nerves? then when it gets back to my brain and fires the wrong areas, my brain tries to reassemble the thoughts in a cognative narrative, much like a waking dream.

It is a little scary at times, trying to figure out how, where, and why you remember these things. Then you figure it out only a few moments later, and sort of disassemble the parts back to the proper places.

My memory is going to hell too. I am way too young for this shit.

(I am going to try to remember the "randoms" and write them down when I can. They fade fast.. but every one left me with the impression that it was wacky and entertaining. Might make good story fodder.)