Wednesday, August 17, 2005

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"White trashploitation"

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We have detected a virus in this post, would you like to delete?

The most un-news news story has been breaking all over and only on CNN. OH MY GOD! THEY GOT A VIRUS!

Of course when CNN gets a fucking old ass virus they never patched Windows up for, it is news...
I keep turning it to the FAUX NEWS and MSNBC, just to see if the ticker will say "CNN Crippled by lack of security in antivirus software and not updating windows."

This is too fucking funny. It is only news on one place on earht right now, yet they are making it out to be a global emergency.
Microsoft and many Internet security firms still say this is a "low impact" virus.

A fly on the elephants ass, but they are reporting it like we just went to war with Canada or something.

This is why you can't trust the news kids.

Monday, August 15, 2005

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Real news item by the BBC, reported today.
Dolphin spectacle baffles experts

A group of up to 2,000 common dolphins has been spotted off the
coast of west Wales.

Marine experts said it was "massively unusual" to see so many off the
Pembrokeshire coast, and the reason remained a mystery.

Cliff Benson, who runs Sea Trust, the marine branch of the Wildlife Trust of
South and West Wales, said it had been an incredible sight.

"It's fairly normal to see a hundred or so, but not thousands."

Mr Benson, who carries out regular survey work on cetaceans - dolphins,
whales, and porpoises - was on his boat when he saw the dolphins approaching.

"It was like a volcanic eruption," he said. "There were dolphins of all ages
- adults and mothers with their babies - and they were leaping out of the water.

"It's a mystery as to why there were so many. It could be because the waters
are so rich in food, and that there aren't many predators.

"They could be coming here specifically to breed because the conditions are
so right."

Mr Benson, who lives in Llanwnda, near Fishguard, is keen to get the
Pembrokeshire coast marketed to tourists who enjoy seeing marine life.

"People think they have to go to Florida to see dolphins leaping out of the
water, but it's all right here," he said.

"We should be marketing this area as 'The Dolphin Coast', and encouraging
tourists to come here and spend their money to boost the local economy.

"There's a small coastal village in Ireland that has a particularly friendly
dolphin, and people travel hundreds of miles to see him. He's worth £5m a year
to that village."

Either something big is going to happen in Wales, or the whole Earth.. this might beone of the pickup points...

Anywhoo's I am grabbing my towel and hitting the sub-etha wave bands for a pickup off this rock, just in case...

If I drop off the face of the blogosphere, well you won't have long to worry anyways, will you?

klaproth_1Klaproth was right when he predicted the UFO's would come to take me away one day. Adios Guys! It's been a blast.. oh bad choice of words...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

gotta love the big girls

fat bottom girls you make the rockin world go round...
a gay man said that
so that is saying alot if even he could get a chub from a big girl

Little Green Men and Bug Eyed Monsters

Back in my hometown, they are finally having a celebration for the 1955 "Little Green Men" incident up the road in Kelly. Years ago when I had my comic shop, I used to be utterly bewildered by the fact that local residents were more embarrassed by this and being the home to Edgar Cayce. When most small towns will pimp out any connection to an event, no matter how weird, to attract tourists and hotels, this attitude seemed rather backwards.
I sold hundreds of X-Files comics that referenced the event as a fictional story with Mulder and Scully. So I knew there was already a local market and interest for the story, perhaps enough to start a small street festival. Instead they are going with a convention style event, kudos either way, it is about time.
If this thing is successful, I will have to say "I told you so".
The funny thing is, I have a sort of connection to this, I think I have mentioned it breifly before back last year. But my grandfather debunked this story years ago. His eyewitness report has been virtually ignored for years because it contradicts the traditional story and UFOlogists don't like to report much of..
especially when that truth doesn't help them sell books about proof that UFO's exist.

I think it was just the fucking cats. Silver, glowing eyes, jumps incredibly at shotgun blasts, big ears and eyes.. it is laughable how simple it was. It is sad how much has been made of a whole lot of nothing.
But I am glad the people in Hoptown finally figured out a way to make a buck on it. Now where is the Edgar Cayce Festival?