Saturday, August 27, 2005

Last night was the first time I had done any quantifiable drinking of alchohol in months. I still have a slight ringing in my head.
It was good to take a practical two day Bloggin break. Some days I hate writing something everyday. It's a given to the fact that I am not a writer, and largely do this as a personal journal and self entertaining art project of sorts. Not to mention the wonderful oppertunities to stalk live prey on the open savannah's of virtual cyberspace here in the blogosphere.

So this happened Friday.
I am at the local Wal-Mart, and this guy just comes up to me going "Hey guy Hey" which usually pisses the fuck out of me. I made it a point to not turn around for quite a while and hoped that he got the clue.
Well I got tired of playing dumb and figured maybe it was something important.
Guy says "Do you sell comics man?"
Me replies,"No"
Guy retorts "Oh I must got you confused with someone else"
Me states, "I used to run a comic shop in Hoptown years ago"

The conversation ends up going into him not being able to find Conan comics. The guy lives in Kentucky so I direct him to Kevin at Fantasy Limited in Madisonville, and tell him he might be able to find the old magazine ones at the two Great Escape stores in Nashville. I also school him to the more literate book influenced series' that Dark Horse is coming out with right now. I have peeked at best at the new books, but I appreciate trying to remain true to Howard's character in opposition to the steroid genetic freak version that Marvel did for decades. It is hard to play dueling banjos with interpretation of one dimensional characters however. I guess it comes down to taste.

To me, the best version of Conan in comics is not really Conan, it is Marv in Sin City....

It is still nice to see that I still have the "Comic Dude" aura though.

They have been doing a series of 75th anniversary comic strips in Blondie this week. Comic strips have never been much of my tastes and I groan more at the whitewashed G rated stale humour most of them deal with. (The exceptions are For Better or For Worse, Get Fuzzy, Opus, Non Sequitor, and the actual political stuff in Doonsberry)
But with the new injection of characters crossing over from other comic strips into Blondie, and the self parody of "comics in general" going into the normally lame family sitcom style strip has made Blondie actually FUNNY for the first time in years!
Too bad this wil all go away at the end of next week.

Well I better head out and stalk the rest of the journals.. I just have to see Gobo laughing at the hurricane.

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