Saturday, June 02, 2007


Since I know this guy, I will spam his comic book out to the masses.

I already did it before. When he was the colorist on Atomik Mike.

Now he has a new comic that he is coloring for Moonstone. It is titled "C.L.A.S.H.", which is an acronym for Citizens League Against Super Humans.

It basically looks like a Sci-Fi anti-spandex book, but instead of the witty and purposely offensive work of Garth Ennis, this book seems more inclinded to rely on old fashioned over the top action and break-neck plot.

A bit of a preview.

colors by Barry Williams.
for my new freinds on blogger

This book is boss. You should buy it.

Leonie Smith will be famous one day, you should get her first book while you still can.
Another 'real life superhero' post
Decades after the Code began. Here in the day and age of edgy supermen funny books. Perhaps Wertham is being proven right? Can you can only have so much sexism, violation, and rape in comic books before it explodes out into the vunerable minds of grown up perverts?
Doctor Dressed As Super Hero Accused Of Sex Assault

A Central Florida doctor is accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a costume party while he was dressed as the super hero Captain America

Raymond Adamcik was arrested Saturday night at the On Tape Café and Lounge and booked at the Melbourne Police Department while still wearing blue tights and Captain America head gear. "It was just a group of doctors that were traveling throughout the city going from bar to bar," Melbourne police representative Jill Fredricksen said. Authorities said Adamcik was in possession of a large burrito and drugs. "While in the restroom, he attempted to flush a bag of marijuana as well as a joint down the toilet," Fredrickson said. Police said they were able to recover a joint from the toilet but the bag was flushed, the report said. The doctor now faces drug and battery charges in connection with the incident.

I would say this whole thing validates the "Iron Man" side of that whole Civil War comic. But someone just emailed me a link I am investigating about a drunk driver being arrested dressed as ole shellhead...

News at 11!