Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We have detected a virus in this post, would you like to delete?

The most un-news news story has been breaking all over and only on CNN. OH MY GOD! THEY GOT A VIRUS!

Of course when CNN gets a fucking old ass virus they never patched Windows up for, it is news...
I keep turning it to the FAUX NEWS and MSNBC, just to see if the ticker will say "CNN Crippled by lack of security in antivirus software and not updating windows."

This is too fucking funny. It is only news on one place on earht right now, yet they are making it out to be a global emergency.
Microsoft and many Internet security firms still say this is a "low impact" virus.

A fly on the elephants ass, but they are reporting it like we just went to war with Canada or something.

This is why you can't trust the news kids.

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