Sunday, August 14, 2005

Little Green Men and Bug Eyed Monsters

Back in my hometown, they are finally having a celebration for the 1955 "Little Green Men" incident up the road in Kelly. Years ago when I had my comic shop, I used to be utterly bewildered by the fact that local residents were more embarrassed by this and being the home to Edgar Cayce. When most small towns will pimp out any connection to an event, no matter how weird, to attract tourists and hotels, this attitude seemed rather backwards.
I sold hundreds of X-Files comics that referenced the event as a fictional story with Mulder and Scully. So I knew there was already a local market and interest for the story, perhaps enough to start a small street festival. Instead they are going with a convention style event, kudos either way, it is about time.
If this thing is successful, I will have to say "I told you so".
The funny thing is, I have a sort of connection to this, I think I have mentioned it breifly before back last year. But my grandfather debunked this story years ago. His eyewitness report has been virtually ignored for years because it contradicts the traditional story and UFOlogists don't like to report much of..
especially when that truth doesn't help them sell books about proof that UFO's exist.

I think it was just the fucking cats. Silver, glowing eyes, jumps incredibly at shotgun blasts, big ears and eyes.. it is laughable how simple it was. It is sad how much has been made of a whole lot of nothing.
But I am glad the people in Hoptown finally figured out a way to make a buck on it. Now where is the Edgar Cayce Festival?

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