Sunday, September 11, 2005

A time to remember and reflect

Today was made "Patriot Day" by act of Congress in 2001
It is a time for parades that make everyone feel good about emergency response when you call the number 911 and also is a time to have another holiday to show how kick ass America is for remembering its troops after we collectivly pissed on them for the governements fuck-ups in Vietnam. The origins of this holiday are shrouded in mystery. But you should not worry yourselves with any thoughts of proper memorials to fallen civillians or the heroic acts by firefighters or police, this is all about honoring the troops and the massive throbbing might of our military!

It is also about saluting our TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS!

I honor these two patriots as "THEKAMISAMA'S PATRIOTS OF THE DAY"

Bruce Campbell.
b-film actor/adventurer.
Honored for his upstanding defense of the homeland against evil demons, mummies, commies, and aliens!

adventurer/blogger/demon. (currently MIA)
Honored for his one man determination to defeat Hurricanes, the gothic media, Star Wars playa hata's , trolls, and B2K.

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