Friday, September 09, 2005

I was wondering at work today..

What happened to that a guy who yelled FUCK OFF to Dick Cheney?

I mean they implied on the news that he was dealt with in some form or fashion, but never made mention of him being arrested, slapped around, shot with a silenced weapon, or even slapped with an FCC fine.

Where do you put such an outlandish criminal who would dare mock the Vice President on live television?

Maybe they sent him to one of our top secret holding facilities for insurgents and criminal enemy combatants..
So he is either at GITMO learning some new conversational Arabic and learning to read from his new premoistened Koran...

either that or they sent him to the government's new holding facility on site at the Houston AstroDome....

Maybe the whole thing was staged? It seemed a little fake, didn't it?

The whole thing was reminicent of when Dicky-poo himself went and dropped some F-BOMBS on C-SPAN. He told Senator Pat Leahy to "go fuck yourself"
Two incidents like this and he still hasn't gotten one fucking FCC fine? They wanted to fine Bono for a half audible screamed out one at a goddamn awards show. Where is the Colin Powell's son handing out the pink illegal FUCK PARKING tickets this time?!!?!?
You know Dick will deny any involvement in knowing that it was going to happen or that the incident might have been staged.. but so did Janet Jackson, remember???

Dick does need to get new material however.. he drug out the "John Kerry" comeback, like it was fucking 2003 again or some shit! Your the vice president man.. shell out the money for your writers to throw you a few new smart ass quips that relate more to current events.

No wonder you guys thought Iraq still had the 20 year old mustard gas you sold them to kill off the Kurds!

On a side note, you guys notice that the IPODS are getting smaller while FURBYS seem to be getting bigger?!?!

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